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This is a comm for meta discussion, gameplay discussion, fanfiction, fanart, and anything else related to Fire Emblem 8 (The Sacred Stones). Posts about anything and everything pertaining it are welcomed.

If you want to post fic or art, you can use this header in your post, but it isn't required (just leave out Word Count for art):

Characters/ pairings:
Word Count:
Warnings/ special content:
Author's note:

If you want to start a discussion or ask a question, it would be nice if you would put "Discussion:" or "Question:" in your post title. This is only a suggestion and not a rule.

When you post, please keep these simple rules in mind:

1. Please tag your posts accordingly, but do not add new tags. If you'd like new tags to be added, please let Raphiael know.

2. Any content is involved as long as it pertains to FE8. Crack, OC-centered, NSFW, crossovers, all breeds of slash, go for it. Just, please tag it accordingly, and post warnings for potentially offensive/NSFW content, and keep things under an LJ cut.

3. Please lj-cut your post if it gets long. We don't want to clog up peopleĀ“s flists. We trust that you can evaluate yourself if you need a cut.

4. No trolling, flaming, bashing, or wank. You may discuss what you don't like, but please don't get into "OMG MYRRH SUX HARDCORE" or "VALTER/CAELLACH IS THE WORST PAIRING EVER".

5. Be respectful to other users and mods.

6. This should go without saying, but don't steal others' work. You may however link to others' work and say "go look at this, it's awesome."

If there are any more questions, suggestions or comments, please contact the admin ([info]raphiael).

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